Cool Hong Kong facts

Hong Kong is a major international city in the world. Nevertheless, not everybody knows about most of the facts of this city.

Hong Kong has an advanced telecommunication market which is supplying innovative solutions and extraordinary service in the city. There are hundreds of internet service companies offering stable and fast broadband services via fibre cable as an alternative for classic landline cable. The network has practically covered the whole Hong Kong so most of residents in the city can find enjoyment in this great service. Telecommunication companies in Hong Kong such as Stephen Ng’s WTT are likewise providing excellent mobile network. Individuals in the city are currently enjoy 4G mobile phone service which provides fast data transmitting speed. They can easily stream music and video content on the street. Service suppliers in the city, like many others in the world, are beginning to test the brand-new network system, 5G, which provides even faster speed and brand new range of solutions.

The tourism industry in Hong Kong is one among the big industries since they're contributing a lot to the community. In this small city, there are practically 300 hotels, including Sonia Cheng’s Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, providing thousands of rooms to travelers. The government and likewise corporations are creating more tourism products in Hong Kong such as cultural tours. For instance, in the western district of Hong Kong, there are a number of historic buildings. Government transforms these types of building into a tourist attraction which can attract more travelers as well as local people. Likewise, other than the international theme park in the city, this city has their unusual local theme park which has attracted countless of tourists every year. This marine-themed park, which only finished its redevelopment scheme, provide more than 80 attractions to visitors and they have special events for several celebrations such as the notable haunted houses at the time of Halloween.

When individuals are discussing international financial hub in the world, Hong Kong must be a place they can think of. People in Hong Kong are so proud of its renowned international position. Because of some of the critical facts of Hong Kong, this city has held this state for a long time now. The Government in Hong Kong has made a beneficial condition, such as setting policies of low and easy taxation, for business operators. Freedom of the financial market there is reasonably higher than most cities in the world as there are no barriers of access to the market by international businesses and capital runs into and off the city. By only looking into the banking sector where David Li’s BEA is in, banks have established a vibrant community in the city participating in a wide array of retail and wholesale banking business.

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